Redesign of a tool

MeilleursAgents - Estimate and compare with confidence

The will of MeilleurAgents is to separate selling, buying and renting. This tool will allow users to find the good to buy that looks like it.

I was involved in the redesign of a tool to search, display, manage ads and contact agencies among more than 450,000 ads.

First, I was able to carry out different user tests with our different personas:

• Goals definition
• Definition of the test protocol
• Conduct of user tests
• Return of test results

Organization of ideation and creation workshops

Design studio: Organization of a collaborative and iterative workshop to get all participants on board and engage them in the project

User journey

To explain how the different pages and paths worked together and to show the different possible actions on the pages. Especially when it comes to making contact with an agency
• Collaborative and iterative workshop - Design Studio
• Cards Scoring

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