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Animation of workshops and training

Training: "La Case"

La case is the ideal entry into the world of agile project management with the Scrum method. Instead of theoretical training, participants learn in a specific kitchen project what agile methods and principles achieve in practice and how the Scrum method actually works.

Animation of workshops and training

Most of the time, I work in ideation or co-design workshops, from reflection on user needs to interface design, a key step in the realization of the project. Recently I was able to create and run a tailor-made training course. The aim of this training was to combine cooking and agility. This project come true has allowed me to rise to the challenge as a creator but also as a participant in an experience designed by myself. In my role as mediator of experience, I seek to stimulate discussion, I encourage participants to express themselves and if necessary I relaunch the debate.

Content and learning objectives

After an interactive discovery of the theory behind the terms agile and scrum, participants will put into practice the Scrum methodology through the creation of cooking recipes, in teams of 5 or 6. Each team will have to designate its "product owner" and his "scrum master" before embarking on two 15-minute sprints, initiated by a "daily stand up".

The goal ?

Achieve two recipes in a short time, with resource constraints, and have, at the end of each sprint, a product to present. At the end of the workshop, each team presents their achievements and the tasting can begin! If this workshop represents a powerful way to become familiar with the basics of the agile method (what is the role of the Product Owner? That of the Scrum Master? That of the team members? What are the bodies of agile? -on in a backlog? etc.), it is also a great team building exercise!

My method

1. Welcome the participants then present the approach, the objectives and the working method

2. Develop the individual visions and ideas of the participants towards visions shared by the whole group

3. Build collectively, carry out procedures and plan actions

4. Conclude the workshop: evaluate the workshop be aware of the collective work carried out

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